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Gorilla tracking Safaris with African Secrets-
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gorilla tracking safaris in Bwindi

3 Days Gorilla tracking safaris adventures Bwindi

Launch an adventure to the western region of Uganda , destined for Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Once there prepare for an early morning briefing by the park rangers and then go into the forest for an expedition of gorilla tracking. After this main highlight , you have an option of .Our services are impeccable , . try us out !! ...Details


trekking gorillas in Rwanda

3 Days Rwanda gorilla trekking

Visiting Rwanda with our expert guide and get to see the land of a thousand hills including all its culture. A short drive to the viscenity of the park. Where you will have a day of leisure. On the morning of the gorilla trekking activity , you will be briefed and then embark on a journey rich with information as you see these great apes in their natural habitat at the volcanoes national park !! ...Details


baby gorilla in the wild

4 days trip tracking gorillas and a Kampala city sight seeing.

A four days trip through to the national park in Bwindi for trekking the gorillas and other optional activities within the park.You may also endulge in some community based initiatives that are established to enrich the community. After the 3rd day you will come back into Kampala and have a fresh start on the 4th day to view the capital city of Kampala and its tourist attractions.. Details


double gorilla trekking safari packages

double gorilla Watching -two permits per person

There has been a great demand for gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda. Therefore this itinerary is designed for those that have interest in viewing these great apes more than once in a safari. One has the option to view different families of gorillas which can give you a unique experience. Details


Uganda gorilla safaris with Lake mburo

gorilla safaris uganda & Lake mburo ,bunyonyi tours 5 days

The 5 days Uganda Gorilla safaris and set yourself for an adventure that is bound for wildlife like the Zebras , hippos among numerous more herbivorous animals, a Launch cruise in Lake mburo is included, then finally the highlight of the trip being the great primates of BNP.One can have an option to view birds in the BNP area all also available in this package. Details


mother and baby gorilla

gorilla trekking uganda and Kibale queen elizabeth safari 6 days

Launch an expedition in search of the endangered apes in uganda - bwindi impenetrable national park . When you are in Queen Elizabeth national park you will get to experience the boat cruise at the kazinga channell, where you will have the opprotunity to take great pictures of the animals around the nile.Then transfer to Kibale forest for a chimpanzee trekking expedition, one of the extra chances you have to see more of man's closest relatives in their natural wild,the chimpanzee permits are booked on first come first serve basis.The same applies with the Gorilla permits. Details


bwindi national park gorilla safari

Bwindi Gorilla Safari Uganda & Lake Mburo Wildlife safari 7 days

Enjoyable events are not meant to be rushed. This could be great for couples in love looking out for vacation in the african jungle.Drive west of the country towards the BNP(Bwindi impenetrable forest) . Once in BNP , on the morning before tracking Mountain gorillas, you will be briefed and led to the point that you will be hiking in search for the habituated families.Optional Community tours such as the village walk , the Batwa orientation trip or the popular Batwas trail.The Batwa are a community of pigmies who were found in this region long before this activity became commercialised for conservation purposes .Boat rides are done at the lake bunyonyi and Lake mburo . Details


track the gorilla within 8 days

Great Apes & Uganda national park Trekking 8 days

a more detailed itinerary , slight difference in price . Tour some of the prime national parks in uganda , including the main highlite,gorilla tracking. Details